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June 24-28, 2024


What to Bring:

  • Bible, Journal, Pen, Paper

  • Bedroll and/or Blanket, Sheets, Pillow

  • Toiletries - Shampoo, Towel, Washcloth, Soap, Deodorant, Toothbrush, etc.

  • Sun Screen, Insect Repellent

  • Shoes for Camp Activities

  • Water Bottle

  • Flashlight

  • Appropriate clothing for warm days and cool nights

  • Spending Money (in moderation) for snacks and merch!

  • Thursday at One Way is CRAZY JESUS THURSDAY! Bring your craziest outfit and have fun!

  • Swimsuit: All swimwear must be modest

    • Guys: A t-shirt or tank top will be worn in addition to your trunks to and from the pool.

    • Ladies: A t-shirt or tank top should be worn over your swimsuit to and from the pool. If wearing a two-piece, a t-shirt or tank top should be worn at all times.

Proper footwear is required. (Please send 2 pair in

case 1 pair gets wet) Flip-flops may only be

worn to and from the swimming pool.

What Not to Bring:

  • Electronic devices that would distract from engaging in camp activities or with what the Lord has for us during this week

  • Fireworks

  • Weapons of any kind

  • Rollerblades, Skateboards

  • The use of any kind of camera will not be permitted in cabins!

  • Food: this may attract many types of unwanted creatures in cabin areas!

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